Sunday, July 24, 2011

Introducing Enchained Treasures

After a small hiatus, we are back with another introduction to one of our newer members. On this occasion we are meeting Susan, the creative goddess behind Enchained Treasures. We asked her our regular questions, so let's go and see how she answered.

How long have you been a Chainmailler? I started during the tail end of college in 2004 so 6 years.

Why do you like Chainmaille? I've always done art. went to school for it. And I always gravitated
towards 3d. Sculpture and 3d design were always my favorite classes. I see jewelry and chainmail specifically an extension of this.

What is your favourite type of ring? Hmm, I tend to use anodized aluminum in 5/16 a lot.

What kind of items do you prefer to make? Something that challenges me either in design or size. I've been doing a lot of inlays lately. Also, full on outfits can be fun if the creativity is left to me.

Which weave would you like to learn that you don't currently know? helms chain, it looks easy but i've never done it. I tend to perfect the weaves I know and leave the experiments to Beth our "mistress of weaves".

Which piece are you most proud of? My maille banner. It's 3 feet long.

What advice would you give to someone who was considering doing Chainmaille? Start with an easy to work with metal. I started in steel and then did blackened steel and it KILLED my hands. And my friend who was also learning never got past the rings flinging around the room to make a piece. Try bright aluminum first, your hands will thank you.

Thank you Susan and welcome to the ArtFire Chainmaille Guild. Be sure to check out Enchained Treasures on ArtFire to see more of her fabulous work.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

June Challenge - Persian Weaves

For the month of June the ArtFire Chainmaille Guild members were set the challenge of creating pieces with Persian weaves. We have some great entries, so let's go look.

Wonderful creations as always! Thank you to those that participated.
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