Sunday, February 7, 2010

Introducing MetalMeditations!

Instead of our usual themed spotlight, this blog post is an introduction to one of our newest members - MetalMeditations . We asked Josh, the talent behind MetalMeditations to answer a few questions and here are his answers.

1) How long have you been a Chainmailler? Roughly 2 years

2) Why do you like Chainmaille? It gives me something to focus on, as well as the fact that it's a creative outlet that I've turned into a business. I love my job! 

3) What is your favourite type of ring? Rainbow Anodized Niobium

4) What kind of items do you prefer to make? Anything jewelry-like, and anything that I can get creative with colour patterns.

5) Which weave would you like to learn that you dont currently know? I'm learning new weaves every day, I can't think of anything specific I'd like to learn right now. 

6) Which piece are you most proud of? My Dragon Keychain, hands down. It's one of two pieces I've ever made and claimed for myself, and actually stuck with it [the other being a rainbow anodized niobium HP4-1 finger ring that I wear constantly]. 

7) What advice would you give to someone who was considering doing Chainmaille? Start with Aluminum, and buy your rings from someone, don't try to make them yourself, especially starting out!

Thank you Josh! And welcome to the guild! You can see more of Josh's fabulous creations by visiting MetalMeditations on ArtFire.

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