Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Question of the Week - Do You Make Your Own Rings?

This week's Chainmaille Question of the Week is Do you make your own rings? Why or Why not?

Here are the answers provided by some of our members.

Yes I do. Now that I sell chainmaille kits and teach chainmaille classes, it is more economical that I make my own rings. But I do prefer to buy them because I would rather pay someone else for the process so that I could just sit and weave silver! - The Chainmaille Lady

I don't for a few reasons. First, it's not really feasible for me to set up to do it. I'm a student who moves every year, and currently don't even have a kitchen table, let alone a workshop. Another reason is time, or lack thereof. I'd rather pay extra for someone else to do it.
If this were to become my full time job, then I'd probably start making my own rings. But right now it's just not worth it for the amounts I use :) - Chained To The Strange

I don't currently make my own rings, but I've been looking into it. I can get a pretty good price for rings from other suppliers, and I think it equals out when you consider the extra time it would take to make my own rings. Sometimes when I need a ring just a little bit bigger or smaller, I wish I could just sit down and make the ring exactly how I want it instead of having to order them and wait for them to come in the mail! - Lanza Creations

I buy mine for a few reasons. I work a full time job and I can be a bit impatient so I'd rather conserve my patience for diving right into making jewelry rather than to first sit and start cutting rings. Also I have to take into consideration that the main rings I use are stainless steel and cutting those myself just ain't gonna happen..hehe. - Little Metal Merchant

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