Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Question of the Week - What sort of pliers do you prefer to use?

It is time for another ArtFire Chainmaille Guild question of the week. This week we asked 'what sort of pliers do you prefer to use?'.

Harmony in Metal - Hands down my Lindstrom RX. I use a flat nose and a chain nose. They are so much easier on my hands.

28 Sides Designs - I have some cheapos I got from Joanns that work pretty well...Don't know the brand but I really like using the round nose pliers since they have really fine tips so it's great for working with tiny rings and they have no edges to mar the rings.

Barb's Designs - Flat nose but don't know the brand...not expensive though.

Haffina Creations - I prefer to use my Baby Wubbers, they are the perfect size for my little hands. I have a pair of flat nose and a pair of chain nose.

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