Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mailler Question - Structural Maille

It has been a few weeks since we had a Mailler Question of the Week, but we are back. This week the question is 'Have you ever considered making a structural maille piece, and what would you make if you were going to make a structural piece?'

This sparked something of a conversation on our forum, so let's see what was said.

Harmony In Metal - I would love to do a structural piece. I have no idea what though, maybe some kind of home decor item like candle holders to start with.

Liv N Good Jewelry - I've seen some very cool bowls, but they seem a little advanced. I'd probably start with a hackey sack or something.

Barb's Designs - No don't know if I will try that as of yet. They are awesome to look at though!

Little Metal Merchant -
I thought about doing a bag once but only got as far as half a bag and ended up taking it apart and using it for jewelry. Chainmaille curtains would be pretty cool but they would take forever to make.

Harmony In Metal -
Curtains would be fabulous. I've actually started one for a small window in the house but it will probably take me years to finish because I only work on it in spurts.

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