Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Meet SLSCreations!

Our newest member is SLSCreations. I gave her the same set of questions as everyone else, let's see how she answered:

1) How long have you been a Chainmailler?
About ten years ago I helped a local historical re-enactment group construct a
chainmaille shirt as a tournament prize. Then several years ago I needed jewelry to
compliment a costume for a theatrical production. Unable to find - just the right
thing-, I constructed a necklace and bracelet set.

2) Why do you like Chainmaille?
I like the puzzle, taking all the little pieces and putting together the picture in
my mind's eye.

3) What is your favorite type of ring?
I love all the colors of anodized aluminium, any size, any gauge, just bright
and bold.

4) What kind of items do you prefer to make?
Not sure why, but I tend to make bracelet more than any thing else.

5) Which weave would you like to learn that you don't currently know?
I am still trying to master starting a Full Persian, and would like to be able to
construct sheets of other weaves beside European.

6) Which piece are you most proud of?
One of the first pieces of byzantine I made for my mother.Although I do not
have a picture of this bracelet, she has probably showed it half of her home state.

7) What advice would you give to someone who was considering doing Chainmaille?
Play. Learn. Play some more. Have fun and let your hands and mind create.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, and welcome to the guild!

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Nightmaiden said...

Wow, there are some amazing creations in her studio! I love the Euro 4-1 bracelet with the multicolors, that is just totally gorgeous!