Saturday, April 23, 2011

Introducing Saniki Creations

It is time to introduce you to another of our wonderful ArtFire Chainmaille Guild members. This week we are meeting Penny from SanikiCreations. We asked her to answer our usual questions, so let's see how she answered.

How long have you been a Chainmailler?
I started chainmailling about a year ago.  I have seen Chainmaille jewelry through other people's work and thought "this is just too cool".  I took a class at my local bead shop, and have been addicted to chainmailling since.  I now teach chainmailling at the same bead shop I first took the class at.

Why do you like Chainmaille?
I love the idea that a bunch of little metal rings put together can make something so pretty.  I'm a SAHM with three girls and find this is great for me to "zone out" while I weave a chain during my own time when they are at school or in bed.

What is your favourite type of ring?
I love the look of copper and find it easy to handle. I don't have a specific ring size or gauge that I prefer. I like to play with all of them.  I have used Aluminum, Jeweller's Brass, Bronze, and Stainless Steel.  Stainless Steel is a bit more tricky as the thicker gauges does a number on my hands (ouch). However this past Christmas my husband bought me some industrial pliers to use on the Stainless Steel so I don't have to put too much wear and tear on my other pliers.

What kind of items do you prefer to make?
I prefer to make bracelets and earrings as they are quick to make as necklaces tend to take me a little longer to do.  I love to make necklace chains (micromailling) where you can put your own pendant on, but those little rings sure make me go cross-eyed.  I've also started making rings for fingers now and find they are the best rings to wear when you use your hands alot as it "moves" with you.

Which weave would you like to learn that you don't currently know?
Jens Pind...  for the life of me I can't seem to get it right.  Tried every tutorial out there and I still make a mess out of it.  What I would also love to try (though it'll probably take me a few months if not years) is the 3D sculptures I've seen of animals, insects... even a chess set that is just amazing.

Which piece are you most proud of?
It would be the Split Persian bracelet I named "Soraya"... it was my first attempt at a Persian weave and it came out just lovely.

What advice would you give to someone who was considering doing Chainmaille?

Don't give up!!!  Start on something simple first and work your way up.  Sometimes the most simplest weaves are just as remarkable as the more advanced ones.  Patience is always a good idea, especially if you are only doing it a couple of hours a day for a bigger project.  I had made a 32" boxchain necklace for my Nana using 1/8" ID rings and working on it for only an hour or two about three times a week, if that, took me just over a month to do.

Thanks so much Penny, and welcome to the guild. You can see more of Penny's great pieces at Saniki Creations on ArtFire.

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Jewelry by Saniki Creations said...

Awwww. that's me!! Thank you so much for putting me out there. I forgot I did this little interview. <<>>