Monday, August 29, 2011

Guild Updates

Hello everyone, this is Sara from Viking Jones Jewelry. I'm going to try to make the guildmaster change as seamless as possible, though I'm sure there will be bumps. When Haffina sent the email that she would be stepping down, and later explained that without a guildmaster this group would no longer exist, I stepped up to the plate. I can honestly say that of the three guilds I am a member of, I am most active in this one by far. Keeping it running is very important to me. It just might take a little while to get everything ironed out.

Haffina will be taking the zetaboards forum down, so I have created a new forum HERE. Please register and carry on as though it's the original forum. I have kept the set-up much the same as the old forum, though there is now an option for a different skin. If you explore it for a few minutes, you will see that it really isn't all that much different from the zetaboards forum. When you are playing around with the forum, please make sure you are opted in for the mass emails. I won't spam you or anything, but it may be the only way you will get updates if you aren't on Facebook or Twitter until I can get the ins and outs of the Artfire Guild system figured out.

I will also be taking over the Twitter account for the guild, and co-running the Facebook page with Haffina. Though, if anyone would like to help with either of these you are most welcome to it. Just let me know.

Thank you, Haffina, for everything you have done for the guild in your time as guildmaster. I wish you the best of luck with everything in life. :)



Haffina said...

Thank you Sara. I am confident the guild will only go from strength to strength with you at the helm. :)

barbsdesigns said...

Sorry to see Haffina go. Glad you are willing to take it over. I wish I could help but still work a million hrs a wk. Thanks to you both! Barb

Nightmaiden said...

Very happy to see someone take this over. I would hate to see anything happen to it.

Here's to Haffina, sorry to see ya leave but you know we will always be here for ya.

Sara, you will do great here and I can't wait to see what you come up with. (I would have posted sooner but with the Hurricane and just getting power all sorted out, I am finally able to catch up)

Shash said...

Novice maille artisan myself. Following this blog with interest.

Guardian said...

Hi, how do I join the guild? I make and sell my chain maille jewellery under the name The Bead Forest (pics only available on Facebook at this stage) and would really love to become a greater part of this network of like minded craftspeople.

Viking Jones said...

Hi Guardian. I'm sorry it's taken me this long to leave a comment.

To join the guild you must have a pro shop on Artfire that has chainmaille pieces for sale in it.

When you have your shop set up and you are ready to start joining guilds, you would go to: and click the Join Guild link.

It will send a request to me to accept or decline your application to the guild. If you have chainmaille in your shop, I will accept your request to join. :)

After that I send you a welcome email and it goes from there. Thank you for your interest!